Welcome to Hyper Text!

This website is by and about me, Ryan Karpowicz. I live in the Minneapolis area with my wife, son, and golden retrievers.

Hyper Text is starting out as many things. Mostly, it’s my resistance against what social media has become as well as the reclamation of my internet footprint. Democratization of my data should be on my terms.

Hyper Text really is about me and this website. I have ADD/ADHD deal with it on a daily basis – Hyper. I try to write things here – Text. I am passionate about all things technology, and specifically, being a maker and developer – .dev.

The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. Though I may own technology and other stocks through mutual funds and 401k plans, I am not incentivized for my opinions unless expressly stated. Hyper Text is a completely self funded venture. More than a hobby, but a hobby never-the-less.